World of Gunships Online Game's logoIf you are fond of the action and action in battle games, then the world of gunships is the right choice. This game is specially designed for the people who are fond of war games or action games, or you can say the battle games. The fighting helicopter is an important part of the war. Because in the world wars the most successful war weapon was helicopter just because of his ability to fly. This is a helicopter action game that you play online to connect with the random players online, or you can play it with your friends. This game has 8 players online at a time in your team. The helicopters are made from the real 3d view of the original ones. This makes the object look real and that is why the graphics of this game are Comparable with an upper-level game.

This game has a variety of helicopters which actually exist in real life. The most exciting feature of this game that is very attractive is this game is based on chapters and we will have contact with million of new players every time we will play the game. When you will complete one chapter the next chapter will be unlocked. This game has helicopters that are some unlocked and some are to be unlocked when you will have sufficient level or requirements. Every helicopter has different weapons and equipment. Two modes of the game are available one is the solo mode (Deathmatch) and the other is team mode (team Deathmatch).

You can play this game in episode flow that is close to the reality conflict. The 3D Graphics and the virtual effects are so realistic that we cannot differentiate we are playing a game or we are really in a war zone. The playing strategy of this game is first of all you have to enter in the game and select a pilot. This game has more than 22 pilots. After selecting the pilot you will have to select the mode in which you want to play. After selecting the mode you will have to select the model of the helicopter in which you will play and survive till the last helicopter is destroyed.

World of Gunships Online Game for PC

In order to have more advanced features of the game you will have to buy the premium package for the game. The premium package includes the unlocking of the amazing helicopters and the updates of the weapons and other equipment’s. In the multiplayer game play you may have the bigger chance to get to the winning situation. You when playing in the multiplayer can make your squad to play and kill your enemies one after one with the help of your techniques. One advantage over the multiplayer game play is this that if we knockout due to some reason our teammates will be alive and in the end of the game they can be the source to win or a key to the success. Because when you play in a team even one will survive at the last then the whole team will win

To survive in the game you will have to play and enhance your helicopter flying skills and you should be a virtual sharp shooter to hit the planes with your fire attacks and you will have to survive with your helicopter and the helicopter flying skills in order to win the level or the task that is assigned to you by the game to complete the episode (chapter). So download this game and experience how the real 3D gaming is. This game is available for Android and IOS but you can play on the pc as well. In Android it is available on Google play and in IOS it’s available on App store.

How to download on Mac or PC using Bleustacks


Bluestacks's logoThis game is ready to install on your pc or Mac but with an extension to run on your pc. One method is that you can download .apk file in your pc and run with the extension of BLUESTACKS. Or your have to do Just a little work and you will have this game installed on your pc or if you have a Mac. First of all you have to download the BLUESTACKS on your pc with this link This was truly made for the easiness of the people.

BLUESTACKS is a platform to run android apps on your pc or on your Mac.

  • Download the blue stacks using the link on our website
  • Open it and install it in your pc or your Mac using the setup files.
  • After installing open the software and then you will have a virtual android platform on your screen.
  • Go to the Google play or directly type the name of the game in the search bar.
  • After you have done this remain on the same window you will get a popup on your screen which will ask you to login to your Google account. Do this if required compulsory if download starts without any information then don’t need to enter any information.
    Search World of Gunshps Online Game on Bluestacks
  • After you have done the above step make sure that you have the required space available in you pc or Mac.
  • The game will start to download and install. Adjust your settings from the settings section.
    Install World of Gunships Online Game for PC
  • Once it’s done the game is ready to play.
  • Enjoy the game.

Play World of Gunships Online Game on PC

How to download on PC or Mac using Nox


Nox's logoNox is the software like BLUESTACKS that is used to run android apps or games on your pc or Mac.

  • Download the memu software using the link above or you directly type in the Google search bar and then you should select the right suggestion from the suggestion box.
  • Click on the first search in the suggestion and wait for it to download.
  • Once downloaded open it and search the desired key words of the game.
  • It will show a window of search results. Click on the first result and at let the game to be downloaded on your pc.
  • Once the game is downloaded. Adjust the desired settings on your pc and enjoy the game.

Minimum requierements to download on an Android Devide

Android logoAndroid 4.0.2
The first preference of the game is the android version. Your android version should be greater than or equal to the android 4.0.2 otherwise the game will show an error to your phone.

86 MB of space
Minimum 86 MB of internal storage should be present in your phone to download the game 512 MB of ram is the minimum requirement to play the game smoothly.

Minimum requierements to download on an Apple Device

iOS logoIOS 8.0 or later
Your IOS version should be updated to the latest version or should have the minimum of the IOS 8.0

222 MB of space
222 MB space should be free from your phone or tablet. As we know that there is no space for the external storage device in the apple devices.

Basic requierements for all plateforms

A valid internet connection.
For a smooth game play you should have a reliable internet connection.

Empty space
You should have the required space to download and install the game in your pc.

Modes of the game availablve to play:

Promo codes for rewards:
XXXYYZZZ to get free rewards. In the coupons section. You will be rewarded once if you will use this code with the same id.

Key features of this game

    • Less space

This game consumes less space so that you don’t have to worry about the space. Just requires 86MB of your storage and suitably runs on almost every android device having the software equivalent to 4.0.3 or greater.

    • Extreme HD graphics

Because of the 3D graphics of the game you will have a full HD animation that is nearly equal to the reality based animations.

    • Less battery consumption

This consumes the less battery because of the 3d light graphics. Which helps it to consume less battery unlike the battery acid games.

    • Lag free game play

Just because of the professional developer senses we developed a player friendly gaming experience and due to the light features there will be a lag free gaming experience unlike the heavy games like mortal combat and injustice.

    • New models

The models just got better than before.

    • Modern map

The maps are the mostly related to the real places that are in existence really in this world.

    • Modern weapons

Weapons are close to the real one as used in the military wars. But just got modified and are better than before with the course of time.

    • Existing helicopters

The helicopters are those which are really used by the army all over the world. The helicopters are 20+ in the quantity in this game.

    • 22 pilot characters

22 pilot characters are available in this game so that you can take the pilot of your choice. In order to get the pilot of your taste you can also upgrade them.

    • Excellent communication

We can communicate with each other easily in this came. Specially with the co-players we can contact easily.

    • User friendly operating system

The interface is very easy to use for everyone. Anyone of any age limit is capable of using this operating system.

    • Excellent controls

The controls are very accurate and as per the graphics are good the controls just got more beneficial because of the good graphics of the game.

    • No age limit

No age limit for this game because this game doesn’t contains the adult content so everybody feel free to play this game.

    • Excellent sound quality

The sound quality is so good that enhances the gaming experience of this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Available for any other operating systems such as linux.

NO, only available for Android and IOS.

  • Available for windows phone?


  • Game available on chromecast?


  • Game available for any gaming console?


  • Paid or in-app purchases?

In-app purchases

  • Contain adds if not purchased premium version ?


  • What is the version of the game?


  • When was the last version updated?

March 20,2019

  • Does any new version of the game is going to come?


  • How many helicopter models are in the game?


  • Does this game require any permission of camera, social media contacts and anything else officially?

Yes, just for the user’s security purposes.

  • How can I play this game if my android version is less than 4.0.3?

Download this game on your pc using BLUESTACKS software.

  • How can we unlock the premium helicopters and their equipments?

By buying the premium version in the menu.

  • How can we play this game on chrome cast?

You can play this game on chrome cast if a chrome cast version is available in the search.

  • Can we play this game with our friends as a squad?

Yes, this is a multiplayer game. This game is not termed as that of PUBG that is purely a multiplayer game.

  • Can we run this game on pc without BLUESTACKS or MEMU ?

No most probably not because this is an android game and can run only on android platforms. BLUESTACKS provide the Platform to the android.

  • What is the maximum range of the price of the available features in the game ?

The maximum price range is the 0.99– 99. usd